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OK - Truck traffic bans in Europe

Traffic bans for trucks in Europe


Germany has revised its requirements❗ No more tests for people arriving from the Czech Republic and Tyrol

From Sunday, March 28, Slovakia, Austrian Tyrol and the Czech Republic are no longer designated as areas of variant of concern, which means that drivers coming from these countries are no longer required to carry a negative result of a Covid-19 test.

Germany classifies countries into three groups: high incidence areas, risk areas and areas of variant of concern. Depending on the designation, there are different requirements for HGV drivers, which are presented below.

Slovakia and the Czech Republic have been designated as high incidence areas. As a result, from Sunday, drivers coming from these countries will have to meet the same requirements as those coming from Poland. In contrast, Austrian Tyrol, has been designated as a risk area and drivers arriving from that region do not need to register or carry a negative test result.

1. High incidence areas

Drivers who within 10 days before entering Germany have visited a “high frequency area” (❗i.e. Poland) are required to:
❌Countries: Bulgaria, France, including all overseas departments, Latvia, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus.
❎ for destinations in Germany*: register before entering. The digital form is available in many languages..
❎ present a negative result of a COVID-19 test: drivers are exempt from the test requirement as long as they have spent only 72 hours in a high-incidence area or they are going to stay in Germany for only 72 hours.
* ❗ People who commute to work every day, i.e. those who stay abroad for less than 24 hours or enter Germany for a period of up to 24 hours, are exempt from the obligation to register.

2. Risk areas

❌ Countries: countries not included in the previous groups.
Drivers who were in the \"risk zone\" 10 days before entering Germany
❎ drivers going to destinations in Germany are not required to register before entering the country.
❎ a negative test result is not required.
❎Transit: No registration or negative test required.

3. Areas of variants of concern

❌ Countries: France - Moselle department
Drivers who within 10 days before entering Germany have visited a “area of variant of concern”
❎ for destinations in Germany: register before entering. The digital form is available in many languages.
❎ are required to carry a negative result of a COVID-19 test
There are no exceptions to the above requirement for those who within the last 10 days have come from or stayed in areas where new virus variants have appeared. People who are professionally involved in transporting people or goods across borders by road, rail, ship or plane are therefore obliged to undergo a test and present a negative test result upon entry.

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